Revenant Hill

Indie studio The Glory Society has announced it is ceasing development of Revenant Hill. Coming from the creators of Night in the Woods alongside a wider team, the narrative adventure game was announced earlier this year. However, it's sadly being shelved.

The developer shared the news on social media:

"Unfortunately, recent serious health issues have necessitated two key members stepping away from the project indefinitely," reads the statement. "We are a small team and we each wear multiple hats. This is a loss of several hard to replace hats in an environment where all hats are needed."

Because of the impact this setback causes, the team has "amicably decided to suspend operations", meaning it's "the end of the development of Revenant Hill".

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While it's a shame the game won't see the light of day, the health of the people making it comes first, as the statement says. "For us, this was the clear path to take for the well-being of the team, which is frankly more important than games."

So, it wasn't to be, then. We hope everyone on the team returns to good health soon.