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Sephiroth is an iconic villain, first debuting in Final Fantasy VII as its antagonist, but found a cult following and enduring fame amongst fans. Could it be the impeccable hair, the impossibly long Masamune katana he wields, those gorgeous Mako-tinged eyes, or all of the above?

Speaking to Shack News, Nomura pondered this eternal question after being asked how the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth team had handled the development of the silver fox. He starts by saying that Sephiroth is a more prominent presence this time around, "much more so than the original title", before getting into the true meat of the matter:

"As far as Sephiroth being this extremely popular character, frankly, I'm very curious as to what makes him so attractive to users because I hear this opinion very often. His appearance, firstly, I'm sure, but also perhaps there is something about his background that brings about a particular appeal to so many of the players that makes him this iconic character. And so, for Rebirth, I would think that besides Cloud, Sephiroth is also a protagonist that we can think of for this title."

We might learn about the bad boy himself, even play as him during certain segments. Why do you love Sepiroth so much? Ponder this question while humming the melody to "One-Winged Angel" in the comments section below.