A fan-favourite DLC for Dead by Daylight has been brought back from the grave. The Stranger Things chapter is now available once again, bringing the beloved Netflix show back to the ever-popular multiplayer horror game.

The DLC originally launched back in 2019, but was pulled from sale two years later as the licence for the show expired. Now, another two years on, the DLC pack has returned, retailing on PS Store for $11.99 / £9.49.

The Stranger Things chapter adds the show's Demogorgon as a Killer, as well as characters Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington as Survivors. Additionally, you get the Hawkins National Laboratory: Underground Complex map. For the Netflix show's biggest fans, all the Outfits are returning to the in-game store as well.

Hopefully the DLC sticks around for longer this time, but it's good to have it back. Will you be firing this back up in Dead by Daylight? Tell us in the comments section below.