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The Cyberpunk 2077 redemption arc seems mostly complete at this point. While the state that the game was originally released in will likely live in our collective gamer mind, it's also true that Phantom Liberty was a rousing success, with developer CD Projekt finally delivering on its ambitious promise, albeit several years late.

Speaking to TheNeonArcaded (thanks, PCGamesN), Cyberpunk 2077 quest director Paweł Sasko has thanked the community for hanging in and allowing the studio another chance to change public perception, and said:

"Look at the reception of Cyberpunk right now, how it has turned. Look at the reviews, look at the videos, and the discourse around the game. The fact that you guys come back to the game, play it again, and have fun. I have incredible gratitude. After the release of Cyberpunk, it was tough, it was heartbreaking, but we kept going."

Sasko cites the Halo series and No Man's Sky as other redemption stories where developers can do right by players and deliver on their original vision given enough time and effort. He leaves us with a philosophical turn to ponder: "In a way if you fail, the only thing that matters is how you’ll be remembered afterwards. Will you get up and keep going? We kept going, and we managed to make it, and I’m honestly so proud of this team and community."

Did you give Cyberpunk a second chance, or are the wounds CDPR inflicted still too raw? Let bygones be bygones in the comments section below.

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