Cult of the Lamb is a cracking mix of roguelike and life sim/management that walks a dangerously thin tonal tightrope. The art style makes it look like a Saturday morning cartoon, with adorable animal characters and cute, colourful environments. However, it has a more mature edge — sacrifice, death, the dark arts, and more are happily bandied about. That side of things might be expanded upon with the game's next major update.

First off, it's called Sins of the Flesh, which is a pretty clear indicator already. When you pair that with the official art in the below post — featuring numerous nude cultists each covering their modesty with a leaf — it seems the game may soon let you do more than just marry one of your followers:

All we really know about the update so far is what's above. Sins of the Flesh will add "new features, stories, and more" when it launches for free "very early next year". The official account has teased that it's been hinting at what's in this update over the past year, so we're sure fans will go looking for clues.

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Anyway, hopefully more info is on the way shortly. What do you think of this announcement? Would you like the ability to romance characters in Cult of the Lamb? What else would you want added to the game? Tell us in the comments section below.