Bloober Team Wants You to Pester Konami for Silent Hill 2 PS5 Updates 1

Update: In a tweet over the weekend, Bloober Team seemed a little peeved that Konami is keeping its PS5-bound Silent Hill 2 remake secret. It suggested, in response to a query, that fans turn their attention to the Japanese publisher for more information. Perhaps recognising its comments may have come across a bit short, it’s since released a full statement explaining the situation.

In the comment, it cosies up to the Japanese publisher, saying it’s “proud to be part of Konami’s plans” and that both parties are “diligently working” on the game. It added that “production is progressing smoothly and in accordance with our schedule”. So, when will we learn more, then? “Once Konami, the game’s publisher, shares more information, we’re confident the wait will be worthwhile.”

In other words: sit tight for the time being.

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Original Article: Silent Hill 2, when it was announced by Polish developer Bloober Team, seemed like it was pretty close to completion – but it’s honestly been eons since we got an update on the game’s release status. That’s understandably led to nonstop questions from fans, who are eager to revisit the mysterious town and come face-to-face with Pyramid Head once more.

But, as the studio has pointed out, it’s just developing the title, and all communication responsibilities rest with publisher Konami. A spokesperson for the team said in response to a fan: “Konami is the publisher of the game and communication is definitely part of their job.” Perhaps it’s a language issue, but the Layers of Fear maker doesn’t sound particularly impressed, does it?

The last we heard, the game was making very good progress in March, and new trailers were supposedly due in the summer. We can’t imagine the project’s hit a snag, and we assume Konami is just waiting for the optimal moment to announce more. Perhaps we’ll see something at The Game Awards early next month, eh?