PS5 Slim Reduced
Image: Push Square

In case it had somehow slipped you by, today's Black Friday, meaning all sorts of great savings are appearing across retail. The latest to catch our eye is a surprising discount on the brand new PS5 Slim console in the UK, despite the fact that it isn't even out yet.

Yes, for today only (November 24th), you can currently knock £20 off a PS5 Slim Disc-Drive Edition pre-order over at Currys using a secret discount code that isn't actually displayed on their website. Trust us – enter code SLIM20 at checkout, and you'll see the usual £479 price drop down to £459, making it the cheapest option at retail.

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PS5 Slim pre-orders are also available elsewhere should you want to shop at a different retailer, including the cheaper digital-only edition of the system. The console launches in the UK next week, so now's your last chance to get one in for launch day:

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