Assassin's Creed Mirage Update Chromatic Aberration

Update: Patch 1.0.5 is available to download now on PS5 and PS4. It weighs in at around 2.8GB on Sony's current-gen console. You can find the full patch notes below, in the original article.

Original Story: Update 1.0.5 for Assassin's Creed Mirage will drop on the 7th November (that's tomorrow, at the time of writing). It's a pretty small patch all in all, but it does include one highly requested improvement: the option to disable the game's heavy use of chromatic aberration.

Just in case that term means nothing to you, chromatic aberration is essentially a graphical filter that's often used to add visual flair. It's the reason why just about everything in Mirage has that red-blue blur around it — something that many players feel detracts from the title's art direction. A lot of other games make use of the technique, but it's particularly noticeable in Basim's recently released adventure, to the point where it can outright blur certain scenes.

Anyway, onwards to the patch notes, which Ubisoft has published ahead of the update itself.

Assassin's Creed Mirage Update 1.0.5 Patch Notes




  • Added an option to enable/disable Chromatic Aberration.
  • Whilst wearing the Fire Demon outfit, players would not receive the correct number of shards after assassinating any ISU Hunter.
  • Basim now has an equal chance to play any of his take down animations during front executions.
  • Fixed issues with store rewards.
  • Fire Eater enemies hitbox is now properly considering one shot kills with the throwing knife when breaking the oil jar on their back.



  • “Speak with Ali” - Ali is no longer stuck.
  • “Follow the Fiery Trail” - Removed blockers from investigation objective.
  • “Nehal’s Calling” - Player can now access the final clue.


  • Numerous visual improvements on environment, VFX and weapons.
  • Fixed multiple NPC navigation, animation, and interaction issues.
  • Fixed clothes corruption on NPCs.
  • Various animation fixes, including unnatural leg movements for Basim.
  • Fixed a FOV pop after a cinematic when FOV settings have been modified by the player.
  • Fixed NPC rendering from short distance.
  • Store page display improved.
  • Reward notifications appear properly when opening medium chests.
  • Key icon & quest objective now remains above the head of NPCs in Eagle Vision.
  • Highlight on NPCs lasts for a shorter amount of time in Eagle Vision.
  • Cinematics should now run properly after credits.


  • Option added to enable/disable background music during call to prayer.
  • Fixed animal sound effects.



  • Multiple stability improvements.


  • Fixed time tracking for hours played on PS5.
  • Offline achievements now transmit to 1st party.
  • Fixed issue with Japanese PS5 button mapping.
  • The refresh rate option in the settings now displays the correct value.
  • Master Assassin Upgrade #1 and Master Assassin Upgrade #2 are now displayed in the in-game Store.
  • Update to game credits.
  • When loading into the game, the main menu music will no longer infinitely loop and will transition smoothly.

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