RoboCop: Rogue City recently got a demo on PC, and footage has been popping up online as a result. GameSpot has uploaded a 22-minute video showcasing this demo, and while the game doesn't look like it'll trouble 2023's laundry list of GOTY contenders, it has a low-budget charm with its violent shoot-outs and hammy dialogue.

The video sees RoboCop clearing out Torch Head gangsters from a TV studio building alongside his partner, Anne Lewis. Showing no mercy, he blows them all to smithereens with a variety of weapons, leaving splashes of blood coating pretty much everything. Exploring the building, he also picks up evidence and more ammo. A moment of slow-motion allows you to breach some locked doors and take out the enemies before they can kill the hostages.

It looks like it could offer some cathartic fun with its punchy gunplay, but it remains to be seen if it can tell a decent story to go with it. What do you think of this RoboCop gameplay? Tell us in the comments section below.