New Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 developer The Chinese Room has today shared a fresh look at the RPG's protagonist: Phyre. This is a fully customisable main character, with you allowed to select their gender and the clan they belong to, as well as outfits and who they feed on. There'll be four clans in the game, and who you choose — along with your actions — dictates how the residents of Seattle interact with you.

More information on the four clans will be shared in the coming weeks, but for now, it's been revealed you'll learn more about the world through a voice inside your head called Fabien. A press release adds: "With branching dialogue options, every conversation with Seattle’s powerful elites shapes how the environment and characters react to Phyre, impacting how the story unfolds." You can learn more in the video above.

Narrative director Ian Thomas said: "We maintain Vampire: The Masquerade’s essence and leverage its dark undertones to weave Phyre’s intricate narrative. Leveraging a protagonist adds weight to the narrative choices with room for players to customize Phyre’s background throughout the story. All these elements combine to create a deeply immersive experience that players expect from a Bloodlines game while maintaining our signature Chinese Room flair."

It is then explained by executive vice president at Paradox Interactive Sean Greanery that Seattle is designed to "adapt and change to the choices and dialogue options players choose, resulting in a different story experience.” The game is currently slated to release for PS5 in 2024.