XDefiant just can't catch a break, can it? Ubisoft's upcoming free-to-play arena shooter seems like a promising game, but after a new round of public playtests, developer Ubisoft San Francisco has decided to push back the game's preseason to iron out some issues.

The team released the following statement on social media:

"Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Public Test Session and continues to stand alongside us as we build XDefiant," it reads. While the playtesting went well, "it also surfaced some inconsistencies in the game experience that we need to address prior to launching our Preseason". The preseason is delayed and, therefore, XDefiant itself.

There doesn't appear to be an up-to-date release window for the game. "The team will continue working to address these issues and testing them to make sure we deliver on our goal of being a best-in-class arcade shooter."

This further delay comes after news that XDefiant failed its certification with both PlayStation and Xbox. While these setbacks will ultimately lead to a better game in the long run, we imagine the team and the game's fans will be somewhat frustrated by these setbacks. Hopefully things get back on track soon.

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