Gaming doesn't have too many geckos. There's only really one, and he's on his way back in Limited Run's Gex Trilogy. But now, The Gecko Gods has been announced for PS5 and PS4, and the vibe couldn't be more different.

This is a cute open world puzzle adventure game in which you play as a tiny gecko. You can explore the title's archipelago from any angle, as you're able to climb any surface. On the hunt for collectable bugs, you'll also delve into ancient ruins and temples, which contain puzzles to solve. Also, you can sail a boat, just like real life geckos.

There are enemies and obstacles you'll run into, but the emphasis is definitely on creating a chilled-out experience. The Gecko Gods is all about exploring and solving puzzles at your own pace.

On PS5, the game will make use of 3D audio and haptic feedback, too. Developed primarily by one person, the game arrives sometime in 2024, and it's looking pretty charming. What do you think of The Gecko Gods? Clamber down to the comments section below.