Publisher 11 Bit Studios has just released a brand new trailer for a rather interesting-looking game. Named The Alters, the game is a base-building survival adventure set on a hostile planet, and the hook is the lead character relying on different forms of himself.

Jan has crash-landed on an inhospitable planet, and it's about to get even worse as it gradually turns towards a close-by star. He must utilise Rapidium crystals to create the titular Alters, which are versions of himself that followed different paths, meaning they have unique expertise or skills.

It's unclear exactly how this will work in gameplay, but it seems like you'll utilise the strengths of these doppelgangers to help Jan stay alive and, presumably, escape the planet. The trailer itself has snippets of gameplay, where it looks like you'll put Jan's other selves to work, building new areas, tending crops, and so on.

We're certainly intrigued by the concept, but we'll have to see how it all shapes up when the game comes to PS5. There's no release date as yet, though.

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