Tekken Just Stop Oil
Image: Push Square

A professional Tekken 7 tournament took place over the weekend at EGX — the UK's largest gaming event. During the winners final between two of the UK's best players, Kaneandtrench and JoKa, three climate activists part of the Just Stop Oil group walked up on stage. They slapped red paint over both players' monitors — while the match was ongoing — sprayed more paint at the larger audience-facing screen, and then attempted to deliver a short speech. Security escorted the protestors from the venue, and they were later arrested by the police on claims of criminal damage.

The interruption didn't go down especially well with the admittedly meagre crowd, with boos ringing out as the activists made their intentions clear. The tournament itself was continued without any further disruptions, and JoKa was crowned champion not long after. Hilariously, it's been said that Kaneandtrench simply continued playing during the aforementioned winners final, despite his screen being coated in red paint. Now that's professionalism.

Just Stop Oil — which, naturally, is striving to make a stand against the production and use of fossil fuels in the UK — has been criticised for its decision to interrupt a relatively minor Tekken tournament. It's obviously quite a complex situation overall, as we'd assume that a lot of people tend to agree with Just Stop Oil's cause, but its disruptive methods often draw ire from both the public and media.

When queried about the tournament interruption on Twitter, Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada gave a very measured response: "I want to be angry, but fighting back with anger against anger by wrong methods is sterile, and above all I only want to talk to people with whom I can have a conversation."

What do you make of this? Is any publicity good publicity? Try not to splash paint about in the comments section below.

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