New gameplay footage of Tekken 8's 'Arcade Quest' mode has surfaced courtesy of IGN. The single-player mode will see your custom character rise through the ranks of competitive Tekken, as you battle across a world map made up of arcades and esports events. It's a pretty cool premise that's clearly a nod to the more traditional days of the fighting game scene.

It does look a bit weird, though. As mentioned, you'll be making your own odd little avatar so that you can interact with other odd little avatars. We're not totally sold on the art direction, but Arcade Quest could end up being an effective gateway for new players — especially since the opening act seems to be geared towards tutorial-like missions.

In any case, we're glad that Bandai Namco seems to be adding so much stuff to Tekken 8. It's shaping up to be a robust fighting game package — and that really does matter in an era where it feels like the genre is pushing forward again with meaty titles like Street Fighter 6.

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