A new trailer for Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn has arrived. The expansion is out in just under a month, and as the name suggests, it depicts a world that's busy rebuilding after the events of the main game. This latest video shows a bit more of what you'll be doing in the DLC outside of its central story, with quests that detail the post-credit happenings of characters and cities. It also looks like Alphen and the gang will be called upon to help with the aforementioned rebuild.

Of course, this is also a great excuse to get the party back together, which we assume will play a key role in how events unfold. What's more, the trailer hints at a "new large dungeon" — optional super bosses incoming?

The expansion's sounding quite meaty, but will you be playing Beyond the Dawn when it releases on the 9th November? Get ready to reunite with old friends in the comments section below.