Stylish Time Travel RPG Reverse: 1999 Could Come to PS5 in the Future 1

Hot on the heels of juggernaut success Honkai: Star Rail, the latest gacha to send mobile gamers potty is Reverse: 1999, an uber-stylish deck-building time travel RPG which is being promoted pretty much everywhere in Asia right now. The title has an all-star voice cast and some of the most striking artwork we’ve seen in some time, as it spans key moments in history, like the swinging 60s and the Great Depression.

With the PS5 generating a bit of reputation as a genuine destination for gacha games, we contacted developer Bluepoch on the title’s launch day to try and find out if it has any plans to bring the release to Sony’s console. And while it’s not currently plotting anything, a representative told us that a PS5 port “may be considered in the future”. Considering the success of HoYoverse’s titles on PlayStation, we reckon this is a no-brainer.

Having played the first couple of hours already, we reckon the experience would translate fine, too. This is mostly a visual novel, although gameplay does see you dragging and dropping cards onto a combat stage in order to issue attacks. The art style and audio is outstanding, and deserves to be enjoyed on a big screen, so we’re hopeful this game will end up on Sony’s system sooner rather than later.