If you're a fan of the original Star Ocean: The Second Story, or its expanded PSP remaster, then you're probably keeping a very close eye on Star Ocean The Second Story R — a full remake of the classic RPG. Based on everything that we've seen of the PS5 and PS4 title so far, it's a faithful recreation of the original adventure, but the visual overhaul is actually starting to look very impressive.

You can catch an eyeful in the game's launch trailer, which we've embedded above,

In case you haven't been keeping up, the remake sticks with character sprites both in and out of battle, but it drops them into completely remade 3D environments in an attempt to give every location additional depth. This combination of styles can sometimes look a little off in other titles, but this release seems to be nailing it. What's more, all-new lighting effects really help each scene pop.

Are you as impressed as we are with Star Ocean: The Second Story R? Feel free to embark on a nostalgia trip in the comments section below.