Dragon Quest X Offline

Ah, Dragon Quest X. Originally an MMO for the Nintendo Wii (eye-opening, in hindsight), the game never made it west despite years and years of rumours and 'insider' whispers. However, in 2021, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest X Offline — a reimagined, entirely offline version of the game, as the name suggests. It released in Japan last year, and western fans have always been left wondering whether it will eventually be localised.

Well, without getting too excited, there's a chance that it could happen. As spotted (and well explained) by Gematsu, new trailers for Dragon Quest X Offline have been uploaded by Square Enix Asia, confirming that the title will launch in early 2024 for PS5, PS4, and PC in regions like China and Korea.

Now, here's the thing. These fresh trailers don't list the Nintendo Switch as a platform, which maybe suggests that Nintendo is handling the game's publishing outside of Japan — something that the company has done in the past. This could mean that a larger Dragon Quest X Offline release is planned — and Square Enix is just waiting to officially announce it.

It's all very speculative — as Gematsu says — but again, there's a chance that there's actually something to this. Square Enix has previously stated that it wants Dragon Quest to be a global brand moving forward — Dragon Quest XII, for example, will be getting a worldwide release — and so the apparent dismissal of Dragon Quest X Offline has always seemed strange.

Would you like to see Dragon Quest X finally come west, albeit in its offline form? Gather your party for another grand adventure in the comments section below.

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