Push Square has gone mainstream – well, at least as mainstream as you can get when it comes to UK quiz shows. As spotted and shared by reader BlaizeV (seriously, we’d never have known about this without you), our humble PlayStation community was referenced in a 29th September episode of Tipping Point. In the show, host Ben Shephard asks contestants which Sony console family the website is based on.

Rather amusingly, one competitor named Graham is quick on the buzzer, but thinks the answer is Xbox! He must have got our website muddled up with our Microsoft-admiring mates, Pure Xbox! Shame on you, Graham!

Understandably, the entire team here at Push Square is really shocked to see our website referenced in a UK quiz show, and in a weird way it’s a real representation of all the hard work we’ve invested over the years. Thank you for reading everyday and enabling something as crazy as this to happen!