Image: Push Square

PlayStation has been a major part of the virtual reality push the last few years, and the relatively recent PSVR2 has moved things forward in the growing space. The headset's innovative features and unique controllers mean it's competitive with higher-end PC VR gear. It's been pretty successful so far, but how's Sony feeling about this subsection of the gaming world?

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Marketing, Sales & Business Operations at PlayStation, Eric Lempel, has passed comment on virtual reality in a recent interview. He says it's "important" to Sony, adding that it's "a category that can help us with innovation".

He continues: "It's never going to be the only way people play games, but I’m happy that we’re in it. There are great experiences to be had and consumers really like it. But it’s a nascent business for us."

Lempel concludes by saying PSVR2 isn't the "core proposition we have this season", and that PS5 fills that spot. It's a sensible and safe view on VR, which is yet to truly break into the mainstream. And of course, the PS5 should be the core for PlayStation; the company is shooting for a record-breaking holiday season, what with a revised hardware design, enough supply to meet demand, and strong software like Marvel's Spider-Man 2.