PS5's Dead Space Remake Floats onto EA Play Later This Month 1
Image: Push Square

One of 2023's earliest successes was Dead Space, a remake of the beloved PS3 survival horror game. Launching at the end of January, it's a super faithful retelling of Isaac Clarke's terrifying escapades aboard the USG Ishimura, with an expanded story and some new areas to boot. Soon, you'll be able to check it out at no extra cost — well, if you're an EA Play member.

Those subscribed to Electronic Arts' service will be pleased to know the scary sci-fi adventure is joining the catalogue. It'll be available from 26th October 2023, just in time for Halloween. A real treat, you might say.

We really liked the Dead Space remake in our review, praising its oppressive atmosphere and subtle but noticeable changes to the gameplay and the Ishimura itself. "With the fantastic base experience still very much intact, EA Motive has expanded on it with new content, expanded areas, and more mechanics to help deliver on the vision the game's original creators had 15 years ago."

Are you an EA Play member? Will you be chopping off limbs in Dead Space later this month? Escape to the comments section below.