Earlier this year, Sony announced the PS5 Access Controller, a brand new and highly customisable input device designed to allow anyone, regardless of ability, to enjoy PS5 games. It launches on 6th December and pre-orders are available now. If you're looking for more info on the controller and how it came to be, Sony has just put out the above video, charting its development.

As well as going over what the Access controller can do — in a nutshell, it has interchangeable buttons and a wide array of adjustable parameters to meet the needs of any user — the PS Blog also introduces us to the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit. This is a set of additional attachments for the Access controller to make it even more adaptable.

It includes a further eight buttons of different shapes and sizes. These can be easily inserted into the Access controller's four 3.5mm ports. Logitech's pack also includes firm gaming mats upon which you can lay out the buttons with a hook and loop system, Velcro ties to attach the mats and buttons to other surfaces and objects, and stick-on labels so you can mark which buttons do what. This additional accessory kit will cost $79.99 / £69.99.

Also noted in the Blog post is the Access controller's packaging. It too has been designed with accessibility in mind, made to be openable with just one hand by pulling special tabs on the box and its compartments. The entire project looks to have been very well thought through.

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