The newly announced PS5 redesign — which everyone is casually referring to as the 'Slim' — will not ship with a vertical stand, it seems. This means that, unless you're okay with just balancing your console on its base — that's assuming this model is completely flat at the bottom — you'll need to buy a separate stand. According to the official product materials, the new PS5 only comes with a horizontal stand, which appears to be a kind of plastic leg that props the system up when it's placed on its side.

But if you want to have your console standing tall, you'll need to hand over $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99 for the so-called Vertical Stand (which can be used with previous PS5 models as well). Given that the new PS5 will sell at the same price as the current models, it's a bit cheeky of Sony to demand an additional purchase like this.

Are you surprised that a stand isn't included? Feel free to have a good rant in the comments section below.