Overwatch 2's collaboration with K-pop sensation Le Sserafim is now live, and players can pop and lock their way to some inspired skins, dance emotes, and engage in the new limited-time Concert Clash game mode.

Le Sserafim is an extremely popular act out of South Korea, and their new track "Perfect Night" is guaranteed to be one of D.Va's most played. Overwatch 2 has had a rough go of it since, well, ever, and this collaboration seems designed to put a colourful spin on things and perhaps draw back some lapsed players.

In August, Overwatch 2 was released on Steam, exposing it for the first time to the great equaliser: user reviews. On this metric, rightly or wrongly, Blizzard's hero shooter was quickly deemed the platform's "worst game of all time".

What has your experience of the game been like lately? If you're a lapsed player, does Overwatch 2's Le Sserafim collaboration tempt you to return? Pump up the volume in the comments sections below.

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