Metal Gear Solid PS1

PS1 masterpiece Metal Gear Solid will be playable on modern PlayStation hardware once more with the release of next week's Master Collection, and this also means the classic is getting its first-ever Trophy list. While Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater received their own Trophy lists by way of Bluepoint Games' HD Collection on PS3, the original title was only re-released as a PS1 Classic on Sony's third home system, which didn't patch in Trophies.

Now, fans of the series can finally earn a Platinum Trophy for Metal Gear Solid, and Powerpyx has revealed every single requirement you need to meet in order to unlock it. There are 19 Trophies in total, of which 11 are tied to main story boss fights and general progression. You'll need to beat the game at least twice to earn the Bandana and Stealth Camo, then you need to either get the Fox or Big Boss rank in one playthrough.

There are also Trophies for completing all the VR Missions and exorcising a photo of a ghost. You can view the full list through here. Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater will also have their own separate set of Trophies, and a Platinum Trophy for each. Those lists haven't been revealed publicly yet, though. Will you try and get a Metal Gear Solid Platinum Trophy attached to your profile? Start planning a Big Boss playthrough in the comments below.