Max Payne PS5

Alan Wake 2 is less than a week old and already is Remedy providing updates on the other four projects it currently has in the works. Speaking to investors, it appears the studio's Max Payne remake project is next in line for release, claiming it has "progressed into the production readiness stage". The same goes for co-op multiplayer game Condor, and Control 2 and Codename Vanguard are further behind.

The full quote concerning Max Payne 1 + 2 Remake reads: "We have gained clarity on the style and scope of the game, and we have an exceptionally well-organized team working on it. With these accomplishments, we are excited about the project and its future success." Set to bring back the original title as well as its sequel The Fall of Max Payne, Remedy is working with GTA maker Rockstar Games to make the remakes a reality. Remedy's own Northlight engine is being used during development, and the two remakes will ship as a single product.

A release date isn't known yet, but with two expansions planned for Alan Wake 2 covering the developer for the majority of next year, the remakes are still likely quite far out.

As for Control 2, it's currently in the proof-of-concept stage. "The plans for this sequel are ambitious, and we have seen good progress both in the designs and in the game build," Remedy said. Two other projects the Finnish firm has in the works are a co-op multiplayer game currently called Condor and something else named Codename Vanguard. The former is also in the production readiness stage, and since the team has "acquired valuable insights into developing service-based games" following CrossfireX, it's "now in a better position to create a game players can engage with for years".

Finally, very little is known about Codename Vanguard, but Remedy is "defining the next stages of the project" with its publisher and is "aiming towards completing the proof-of-concept stage by the end of the year". Are you excited about what Remedy has planned? Share your thoughts in the comments below.