Persona 3 Reload Protagonist Weapon

If you were holding out hope that the protagonist in Persona 3 Reload would be able to pick and choose between all the different weapon types, we've got (seemingly) bad news. Based on a new information dump from Atlus, the upcoming remake will lock the long-haired hero into using a one-handed sword.

For those who may not know what the deal is, in the original Persona 3 and enhanced re-release Persona 3 FES, the protagonist could be equipped with any weapon type. You could give him a kickass longsword like Junpei's, or even a ranged weapon. We distinctly remember kitting him out with gloves so we could be battle bros with Akihiko.

However, this feature was removed from Persona 3 Portable, in which the male protagonist was stuck with one-handed swords, and the female protagonist had to make do with naginatas. It's been speculated that the development team didn't want to direct resources to recreating all of the different weapon animations for the female lead and so both heroes got set weapon types — but that theory's never been proven (although it would make some degree of sense).

Anyway, the aforementioned Atlus info says "[The protagonist's] weapon of choice is a one-handed short sword". What's more, every slice of gameplay footage that we've seen so far has shown the lead wielding such a sword.

Did you want the weapon choice to return in Persona 3 Reload? Or are you not at all bothered? Keep that edge sharp in the comments section below.

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