Air Twister PS5 PS4 PlayStation 5

Yu Suzuki, the iconic video game veteran behind classics like OutRun and Shenmue, will return to PS5 and PS4 next month with the console version of his ex-Apple Arcade exclusive Air Twister. This is, in effect, a modern reimagining of Space Harrier – and it’s got an oddball, 90s aesthetic to match. The game will be available digitally on the PS Store, but collectors will also be able to grab a boxed copy on PS5.

New to this version are a bunch of minigames, including an obligatory Boss Rush mode, as well as a trigger-happy mathematics option where you need to break numbered boxes in order. You’ll unlock these modes by collecting stars from daily and weekly events – well, this is a former mobile title, after all.

We never played the original release, and to be brutally honest, we’re not overly fond of the art style at all. But this is a new Yu Suzuki title, so you can bet we’ll be giving it a fair shake. Hopefully it’s a big success and helps Ys Net raise enough funds to continue the Shenmue series. The game’s due out on 10th November.