Rocket League is getting into the festive spirit, celebrating October with the inevitable Haunted Hallows event. Epic Games must have gotten a two-for-one deal on The Nightmare Before Christmas collaborations this year because Jack Skellington and friends can be found in both Rocket League and Fortnite, which is quite fun.

In the realm of Rocket League, that means ghoulish goodies like limited-time game modes and themed bundles, of which there are a couple. Spooky Cube will see players batting around a pumpkin instead of a ball, with the ghastly gourd given supernatural speed. Haunted Heatseeker, meanwhile, will let punters take possession of the ball quite literally, launching it across the Arena but leaving themselves open in the process.

There are a few bone-chilling bundles to pick up, the best of which is easily the Jack Skellington one, which is undeniably great. It comes with a Jack Skellington octane decal, Spiral Hill wheels, an adorable Zero topper, and the requisite "This is Halloween" player anthem.

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Rocket League's Haunted Hallows event goes live today, 18th October, on PS4. Will you be taking it for a spin? Spend an eternity haunting the comments section below.