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The modular nature of Fortnite’s map has enabled developer Epic Games to adapt and change it over time, but there had been strong rumours for several months now that it’d return to its origins as part of the release’s next major update. And that’s exactly what’s happening starting 3rd November, as the developer confirmed that you’ll be able to “sprint (or mantle) back to Chapter 1” later this week.

The dev specifically mentioned mantling as there had been rumours the release’s more modern locomotion methods would be removed in alignment with the return of the old map, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Obviously, for many players who’ve grown up with Fortnite, this return to the classic setting will prove nostalgic.

We’d expect more information to be announced in the coming days, and we reckon Epic Games will have a few surprises up its sleeve; there’ll be more to this season than the return of some retro environments. Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see how the community takes to this update, and whether the old-school map is still as enjoyable all these years later.