In the ultimate Naoki Yoshida mash-up event, MMO Final Fantasy 14 is getting crossover content from Final Fantasy 16. Announced during the 2023 London Fan Festival, a trailer confirms there’ll be a boss battle against Ifrit, as well as a new Torgal mount and minion. Presumably there’ll also be fresh gear to unlock, but that’s not necessarily glimpsed in the trailer.

According to director Yoshida, who helms both games, a new quest line will see players team up with protagonist Clive – but he promised there’ll only be very light spoilers for those yet to experience the PS5 exclusive campaign. Crossover events with mainline Final Fantasy games are pretty common in the MMO, as a previous update featured Prince Noctis from Final Fantasy 15.

There’s no release date attached to the Final Fantasy 16 crossover content just yet, but it sounds like it’ll deploy prior to the release’s next major expansion, Dawntrail, which is due out in 2024.