DriveClub was the last game produced by Sony's fantastic racing game specialist Evolution Studios. While its launch was scuppered, it blossomed to become a brilliant sim-cade racer, with incredible visual fidelity that's, honestly, still impressive today. Now, a modder has managed to get the early PS4 title running at a smooth 60 frames-per-second on PS5, and the studio's closure has never stung more.

Shared by Digital Foundry in the above video, illusion — who uses hacked consoles to patch games and make them run better — has worked some magic on DriveClub, and the footage pretty much speaks for itself. The racer has always been a looker, but running at an unbroken 60fps, it could easily pass for a contemporary release.

Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely DriveClub will return on PS5; obviously the studio behind it is no more, and vehicle licensing would making a remaster very difficult regardless. Still, this glimpse at what could've been is a nice reminder of a PS4 exclusive that doesn't get enough credit.

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