Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 Player Numbers

Bandai Namco's ongoing support for action-RPG-fighter Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 has always been thoroughly impressive, but it has made us wonder just how popular the title still is. Well, we now have a better idea thanks to producer Masayuki Hirano, who's spilled the beans in an interview for the official Dragon Ball website.

"Even though itโ€™s been seven years since XenoVerse 2 released, we still have about 1 million fans per month playing worldwide. Itโ€™s basically been that way since we released the game," says Hirano. "Since so many people want to play this game, I want to create an environment where they can keep enjoying it. I really want fans to keep enjoying Dragon Ball far into the future."

We're getting into MMORPG levels of commitment here, and it's crazy to think that the game's still capable of drawing in so many players month after month. We suppose this explains why another major update was recently released, and why a PS5 version is coming in 2024.

"When XenoVerse 2 was released, we initially announced we would support the game for a year so players could keep enjoying the game for a long time," Hirano continues. Clearly, even the development team didn't anticipate such a hit.

Do you play Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2? What do you think of its continued success? Unleash your full power in the comments section below.

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