Don't Worry, You Can Still Upgrade the PS5 Slim's SSD 1
Image: Push Square

The new PS5, colloquially known as the PS5 Slim, will replace the original model next month – and its main selling point is its detachable disc drive. For Sony, this design tweak will streamline its manufacturing process – but for consumers, it’ll also provide flexibility. The remodelled machine will also come in 30 per cent smaller than its predecessor, which is a significant footprint reduction.

But as the manufacturer hadn’t mentioned it yet, some were concerned you may not be able to install an additional SSD anymore. Speaking with IGN, a spokesperson confirmed “there are no changes with the new model” – meaning, yes, you can still install your own compatible hard drive to expand the console’s available storage space.

It’s worth underlining that the new model improves on its predecessor by upping the amount of on-board storage from the unorthodox 825GB to 1TB, so you’re getting more space out of the box anyway. But considering the size of some games these days, you’re probably going to find yourself in the market for a new PS5 SSD eventually.