Commandos: Origins is a real-time stealth tactics game set during World War 2, and it's been announced for release on PS5 sometime in 2024, presumably under the cover of darkness.

The Commandos series began in 1998 is foundational to the stealth tactics subgenre of strategy, best exemplified by modern takes like Desperados III and Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew. Both were developed by Mimimi Games, which recently announced it would be closing down, showing how niche this part of the market remains. We'll keep an eye on Commandos: Origins and hope it has what it takes to make it in our volatile industry.

Key features for the title as relayed by publisher Kalypso Media and developer Claymore Game Studios include:

  • Challenging Real-Time Tactical Stealth Gameplay – Make the best use of your Commandos' unique abilities, infiltrate enemy facilities and hit them where it hurts most before disappearing into the shadows.
  • An Extraordinary Team – Featuring six infamous characters, each with their storied history, banding together to form an extraordinary fighting force—the Commandos: Take control over Jack O'Hara "the Green Beret," Thomas "the Sapper" Hancock, Francis T. "the Sniper" Woolridge, Samuel "the Driver" Brooklyn, James "the Marine" Blackwood, and Rene "the Spy" Duchamp and lead them to success.
  • Many Paths to Victory – The detailed, varied and interactive environments offer multiple approaches to reaching your goal. Sneak, climb, drive in various vehicles, or hide and creep to mission success!
  • On Your Mark – A modern user experience with precise and intuitive controls enables you to control the commandos with expert precision. Coordinate complex actions simultaneously to overcome heavily fortified targets.
  • Fight on All Fronts – Play through more than ten missions in historically authentic World War II environments, spanning from the barren Arctic to the African desert, with a range of core and voluntary objectives requiring your complete tactical expertise.
  • There is No I in Team – Take on missions with a friend in the two-player cooperative multiplayer mode, either online or via local split-screen.

What do you think of Commandos: Origins? Does it look like your cup of tea? How do you feel about this style of strategy game? Is it something you've dabbled in? Let us know in the comments section below.