Madden NFL 24's second season of live service content, Unstoppable, is now live, and some of its new additions will have you wanting to Griddy into the end zone.

Become the best by strengthening your critical players with new Superstar abilities, such as Deep Elite, which improves catching on deep passes, and X-Factor's like Dual Threat; once activated, players have a higher chance to defeat pass blocks and disrupt catchers.

Angry Runs, in partnership with Good Morning Football host Kyle Brandt, elevates the titular ability, which will be assigned to a new player in Ultimate Team every week during Season 2. Adding that free login player to your roster will have them receive boosted ratings for a limited time. Rounding things out, an all-new Field Pass is available and packed with unlocks and powerful rewards for players to work through.

What do you think of Season 2's offerings, and how have your games been going lately? Run a touchdown into the comments section below.