Laika: Aged Through Blood is a Western-inspired "motorvania", a fast and agile vehicular platformer set in a savagely beautiful post-apocalyptic world. The sidescrolling trick shooter is coming to PC imminently and confirmed for PlayStation platforms "soon" after.

In what might be the best pitch for a video game ever, Laika follows a coyote mother and daughter duo as they blast across a gorgeous, hand-painted wasteland on a souped-up dirtbike. Line up headshots in glorious slow-motion bullet time like it's 1999, and do sick wheelies and tricks. The cherry on top: the primary method of reloading in this universe is backflips. Get a better look at the gameplay in the trailer below.

What do you think of Laika: Aged Through Blood? Does it look like the kind of thing you'd want to take for a spin? Get your engines warmed up in the comments section below.