Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile

It's been almost six years since the last mainline Dynasty Warriors game — and that was the disastrous Dynasty Warriors 9, which itself took a lengthy five years to arrive after Dynasty Warriors 8. Clearly, Koei Tecmo's once flagship series has taken a nasty fall, and it's hard to say whether it'll ever regain its footing... at least on consoles.

That's right, there's finally a new Dynasty Warriors title charging our way, but it's for mobile devices. The suitably named Dynasty Warriors M is coming from South Korean giant Nexon, and is described as a free-to-play action RPG (with item-based microtransactions, obviously). It's out in some Asian territories right now as part of a soft launch, while a worldwide release is planned for winter.

The game's basically Dynasty Warriors 9 in terms of assets — and cutscenes — but it's been given a slight RPG overhaul with damage numbers and battlefield orders.

Look, maybe Dynasty Warriors M is good fun, but it's still a bit sad to see a once cult-hit franchise like Dynasty Warriors be reduced to a mobile port of arguably the series' worst instalment. How the mighty have fallen, etc.

Are you still holding out hope for Dynasty Warriors as a franchise? Feel free to make jokes about Lu Bu in the comments section below.

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