Xbox Poised to Borrow from PS5's DualSense Controller 1
Image: Push Square

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it seems that’s exactly what Xbox has cooking for the latter half of the generation. While the DualSense controller, with its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, has represented a pivotal part of the PS5’s marketing since launch, it looks like Microsoft is poised to borrow some ideas from the pad with its mid-gen refresh.

Court documents, which have basically outed the Redmond firm’s entire upcoming product portfolio, confirm a new controller named Sebile, which has “precision haptic feedback” as one of its selling points. Microsoft even promises that with the pad you’ll be able to “feel the game” – a marketing slogan that feels straight out of Sony’s PS5 playbook.

There’s no mention of adaptive triggers, so it looks like the Team in Green doesn’t see that as a particularly enticing feature, but there will be an accelerometer and modular thumb sticks. Obviously, Nintendo also has haptic feedback in its JoyCon controllers, but Sony took things to the next level with the unique textures made possible by the DualSense.

The positive here is that with Microsoft also joining the party, third-party publishers may be more encouraged to make good use of the features across all consoles.