Dreams PS4

As announced back in April, live support and active development of Dreams has come to a stop as of 1st September, 2023. Developer Media Molecule couldn't find a sustainable path forward, and so has effectively discontinued its work on the game, instead moving onto a new project. All that being said, the creation game is going nowhere, and the studio has outlined what happens next for players.

Again, Dreams will remain online and playable for the foreseeable future, meaning you can still play and create to your heart's content. The end of live support does not equal the game shutting down; it's business as usual for the community. In fact, with the game now on the PS Plus Extra game catalogue, more people than ever can hop in and check it out. Additionally, you can get the most out of Dreams with its new usage terms, which allow you to use your original creations outside the game for personal or commercial purposes. So, for the game's audience, almost nothing is changing — in fact, the game's final state leaves it in a good place, with upgraded animation tools, an audio importer via the game's website, and of course, the release of the brilliant Tren.

For Media Molecule, things will be a little different moving forward. The studio still has a dedicated community team that will be curating Dreams and promoting creations on social feeds. Most of the studio will be moving onto the next project, whatever that is, but a few will still be keeping on top of what's going on in Dreams. As for the studio's regular livestreams, these will shift to once a week (Wednesdays) and will largely focus on community creations.

So, it isn't all doom and gloom, then, although it's a shame Media Molecule has had to wind down its efforts at all. There's more detail on all this on the game's site. Will you continue to play and create in Dreams? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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