Hiroki Totoki PlayStation
Image: Push Square

After almost 30 years at Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), not to mention being president and CEO since 2019, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has announced his retirement. He will hand over the reins of corporate power to Sony Group Corporation president and COO Hiroki Totoki on 1st April 2024, who will take on the role of Interim CEO of SIE until a suitable successor can be found. In addition, Totoki will become chairman of SIE as soon as next month, ahead of Ryan's departure.

But just who is Hiroki Totoki? To explain, let's start with the basics. Sony Group Corporation, which is what the multinational conglomerate people generally refer to as Sony is officially called, has a fairly straightforward organisational structure, which you can see below.

Sony Group Organizational Structure

Totoki is kind of a big deal. As Chief Operating Officer (COO) and president of Sony Group Corporation, he's the second-highest ranked executive in the company, after chairman and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida (who succeeded Kaz Hirai in 2019).

Whereas Jim Ryan was in charge of overseeing everything under the SIE umbrella, Totoki is a part of the management structure overseeing all of Sony Group's various endeavours. SIE is the most profitable piece of the contributing pie, and thus the CEO of that particular vertical is always going to enjoy a certain prestige.

You can imagine, then, why Totoki is only taking on the job until someone more suitable can be found: he's got bigger fish to fry. Keep in mind that Totoki is supposed to continue in his current capacity in addition to picking up the slack at SIE, which is no mean feat.

Totoki joined the company back in 1987 and has gradually ascended the corporate ladder over the past three decades, working in various departments but always trending upwards. His particular skillset is in the financial and restructuring end of things, having contributed to the launch of Sony Bank, as well as serving as CFO of Sony Network Communications. He describes himself as being "obsessed with growth".

What do you think of Jim Ryan's departure and of Hiroki Totoki taking the wheel? Do you think we'll feel the effects of this shakeup on the consumer level, and is there someone you'd like to see ultimately succeed to the SIE throne? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source sonyinteractive.com, via sony.com]