First confirmed during this year's PlayStation Showcase, developer Hadoque has shared a fresh look at the psychedelic PS5, PS4 indie game Ultros. Slated to release in 2024, you can catch a glimpse of the 2D title's first few minutes, where it introduces the colourful world protagonist Ouji is set to explore. Take a look above.

With a focus on platforming and combat, you'll find your place inside an ecosystem where you must eat the body parts of enemies to increase your variation nutrition levels. You'll accomplish the same by planting and eventually eating fruit, a mechanic introduced in the trailer footage. "When you reach a rest point, you can unlock new abilities on a skill tree (or cortex, as we call it) depending on your nutritional requirements and what you consume," game design director Mårten Brüggemann explains on the PlayStation Blog.

He continues: "Ouji collects The Extractor in the latter half of the gameplay. The Shamans used this tool in their ritual on this space station. So, it’s important for the main plot of the game. But it also provides some cool power-ups. This first one grants us a double jump."

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