Do you ever think about what certain people had achieved at your age, or worse, much younger? It's a pretty sobering tangent to wander down as one desperately tries to sleep in a stuffy room — and there's definitely a mosquito in here. What? Anyway, 13-year-old Max Trest is developing a co-op action game exclusively for PS5.

Named Astrolander, the game is built to take full advantage of the DualSense controller and its features, including those less talked about. Even the characters themselves refer to the pad's bells and whistles; you play as Haptic, a little rocket guy, while your local co-op cohort controls Feedback, a little robot guy. In the above video, you can see gameplay in which you use the touch pad to raise water and block enemy fire. Another example shown is blowing into the microphone to thwart the rubber duck menace.

While it looks fairly simple, we must reiterate Astrolander is being made by one 13-year-old developer. Under the name Lost Cartridge Creations, it'll be coming to PS5 next year, and you can wishlist it on PS Store right now.

It certainly seems to have caught PlayStation's attention, as the official X account — as well as indie-loving exec Shuhei Yoshida — have shared the news, giving it a pretty big boost. It's a super impressive effort from Trest, and we're certainly curious to check the game out when it arrives.

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