Titanfall 2 PS4

Well, we haven't thought about Titanfall 2 in a while. Respawn's beloved first-person shooter came to PS4 in 2016, and was met with near-unanimous praise for its brilliant campaign and entertaining multiplayer. Unfortunately it never quite caught on, and the developer moved onto Apex Legends — a free-to-play shooter, albeit set in the same universe. While Respawn has largely left Titanfall 2 behind, some recent activity around the game has caused fans to sit up and take notice.

Helpfully, a Reddit post has pulled most of the developments together. Long story short, the game was a bit of a mess for a long while, plagued with hackers and matchmaking issues. However, Titanfall 2 got its first meaningful update in years very recently, which fixed some of those matchmaking and server problems, removed out-of-bounds exploits, made slight alterations to multiplayer maps, and updating a rotating multiplayer playlist with new and returning modes. It's all positive news for hardcore fans, but strange to see it all suddenly being updated.

On top of that, some strange coded messages have appeared at the bottom of some Apex Legends patch notes, and of course, they've all been decrypted. Each of the messages refers to the release dates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends. Fans have also put together that Titanfall 2's seventh anniversary is on 26th October, while Apex's latest season ends just a few days later on the 31st.

Most recently, a new mode has appeared within the game itself, named '???', with the description "Your rockets will blot out the sun".

So, with all of this unusual activity, fans of the mech-based shooter are getting excited. What could it all mean? Dare we utter the phrase Titanfall 3? Without the very last point about the question-marked game mode, we'd be a little more trepidatious, but it does all seem to hint that something is going down.

Where do you stand on this? Is Respawn gearing up for some Titanfall related news? Are fans getting amped up for nothing? Discuss in the comments section below.

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