The Sims 5, still officially known by the codename Project Rene, will be free-to-play. Further, the mega-popular life simulator, The Sims 4, will continue to receive new updates and peacefully cohabitate alongside it. We also got the down-low on the first new Stuff Pack in more than two-and-a-half years, if that wasn't enough.

EA appears to prefer the terminology "free-to-download" in the latest episode of its Behind the Sims series, where it was confirmed that support for The Sims 4 would continue "for the foreseeable future". Further reveals of how multiplayer would work in The Sims 5 were teased for the coming year, and players will need to remain patient, as it won't be released until "it's ready".

Home Chef Hustle is the next Stuff Pack players of The Sims 4 can look forward to, and it looks to add some gastronomic activities to liven up your next dinner party, with potentially explosive results. There's also some lovely new kitchen

Are your Sims still peacefully existing? Are you intrigued by the prospect of Project Rene, or are you too deeply invested in The Sims 4 to consider a change of scenery? Let us know in the comments section below.

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