Lucky Mountain Games is an indie studio best known for its great arcade racer, Hotshot Racing, but it's doing something completely different for its next project. Heroes of Forever has been announced for PSVR2, a first-person shooter with a low-poly aesthetic launching next year.

You play as an agent for Time Enforcement Command, a special force that maintains order throughout the multiverse. A mysterious corruption is worming its way through various worlds, and it's your job to leap through time and space to stop it.

Inspired by light gun arcade shooters from the 90s, it combines that simple blasting fun with a pulpy action movie style. Not only will you be shooting bad guys with a variety of weapons, you'll also need to make effective use of the environment to maximise your times and scores. It's playable solo or in up to four-player online co-op.

Of course, it'll be making use of PSVR2's bells and whistles; 3D audio will create some immersive soundscapes, while haptic feedback is used to give all the weapons a different feel.

It sounds like it should be good fun. If it's anything like the light gun games it's inspired by, we should be in for a good time when it launches in 2024. Are you interested in Heroes of Forever? Travel dimensions into the comments section below.