One of the many indie hits this year is Dredge, a fishing game with an eerie twist by Black Salt Games. Since its launch back in March, the title has received a couple of free updates, adding extra content and features as the year's gone on. Today, 18th September 2023, the latest of these updates is now live.

The emphasis in this update is the new ability to customise your fishing boat. A new character called the Painter can be found in Greater Marrow, and speaking to him lets you pick new colours and flags for your vessel. Furthermore, new shipwrecks in the game can be dredged for additional flags, while a new range of "crabberations" can be caught in order to find more colours for your boat.

It's a simple enough update but an appreciated one. Dredge is a game that didn't need post-launch support, but it's nice to see these updates anyway. The fact they're free is the cherry on top. Again, this one's out now on PS5 and PS4, so go decorate your boat while the sun's out.

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