You can't fault SloClap's dedication to Sifu, can you? The game's post-launch support has been stellar, with big, free updates expanding the intricate brawler in significant ways. Today marks the release of the title's final patch, and you can download it right now on PS5 and PS4.

The so-called 'Final Update' (fitting!) adds six new arenas, 75 additional challenges — which are described as "brutal" — a bunch of new modifiers and cheats, and some fresh outfits. What more could you want?

Again, it's been great to see Sifu evolve over the last 18 months or so. The base game was already a blast, but now, with all of the extra content and gameplay modifiers built in, it really is an excellent experience that we recommend more than ever.

Will you be dipping back into Sifu one last time? Or is this just the start of your martial arts journey? Break some bones in the comments section below.