Roblox PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Roblox is a creative phenomenon for the young and young-at-heart, where players can create and share their own immersive 3D experiences or try out the near-limitless library of those crafted by others. With more than 65 million daily active users, it will undoubtedly become one of the biggest games on the platform when it hits PS5 and PS4 on 10th October.

A free-to-play title, Roblox players on PlayStation platforms will have access to the full catalogue of experiences, meaning there will be plenty to see and do from day one. Those looking to flex their creative muscle, however, might be disappointed to note that the use of Roblox Studio, the proprietary engine on which these creations are crafted, will require the use of a PC. This is how Roblox functions on Xbox, after all, and so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, with many using the platform for the social side of things alone.

Are you a Roblox stan? Will you be diving into this monstrous platform once the appointed date arrives? Construct a response in the comments section below.